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It was a clear day, the sky totally clean, it almost hurt to look at it. A sigh was heard, timid and low. It had been released by a blue haired girl. She was walking through the streets, streets she didn’t knew. And had a little paper on her hand, directions captured on it. Her pace was a bit erratic as she searched for the place where she was supposed to go. She felt uncomfortable, the skirt she was wearing was short and the shirt was a bit too small for her. But it was a requirement to where she was heading, apparently.

Her milky lavender eyes deviated to the entrance of a building, another sigh, a couple of steps. Already inside. There a woman approached to her and she handed the paper to her, the stranger guided her to a door that she opened and ventured inside of the room. "Students, this is your new classmate, she comes from another country and I expect you all be nice to her. " The woman said and then left, leaving the bluenette clumsily standing on the front of the class.

- M-My name is Hinata, I hope we get along smoothly and is a pleasure to share this magnificent establishment with you - The voice was too sweet, almost childish and unfitting to her looks. People gave her a puzzled look, maybe for her accent or for the way she talked so politely. She made a soft bow to the students and then another one to the teacher who smiled warmly to her. “Well aren’t you cute, Welcome, Hinata. You can sit in front of Neji, please. We may now continue” The teacher said pointing the empty seat and she made an agreement nod to her as she took her bag and walked towards the directed seat, another polite bow to the person on the seat behind hers and she then took a sit, he had his head down so she couldn’t really see him. A sigh of relief leaving her lips by the time she relaxed on the chair.

Needless to say, the day and the past ones had been a total madness. Moving was never easy. For Hinata was even harder, she was too shy for getting to know new people or anything that dealt with socializing skills. She already had a tough time getting used to where she lived and now it was required for her to go to a completely unknown place for finishing her education. Sure, she was told she would be living with some relatives, but she didn’t know them. Her plane had arrived too late for her to go to the house first, she had to make it in time to her first class day.

But she certainly hoped that she could get along with the new people she was about to meet.

January 12, 2013 - 4:10am [1 year ago]
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